Sugar Industry

InGear specialises in sugar industry gearboxes and has the ability to provide any required Gearbox to the sugar industry across Australia.

Sugar Machine Gearboxes

The Australian sugar industry has been proven to be highly efficient in the manufacturing and processing of sugar. Part of the sugar process includes extraction, clarification, evaporation, and several other steps. These steps require industrial grade gearboxes to support the manufacturing process.

In Australia, we have one of the most advanced and efficient processes for this. Sugar mills across Australia show profitability, however, is also influenced by Government policies, global market prices and environmental conditions, such as the weather. Majority of the sugar mills are mainly self-sufficient and utilise renewable energy.

Some of the Sugar Mill Gearboxes we offer to the sugar industry include


InGear has the ability to provide any required Gearbox to the sugar industry across Northern Australia. Whether that be Helical or Bevel Helical, Planetary. Our Gearboxes can be specifically designed and modified to fit in with your sugar mill requirements. Browse our other sectors such as mining industry gearboxes.


InGear Engineering specialises in the Design, Manufacture and supply of heavy-duty Industrial Gearboxes in Sydney.

We replace Gearboxes for all major brands including Flender, David Brown, SEW, Hansen, Falk, Sonnerdale Richardson and Echesa units.

With a completely new Gearbox, warranties on all products, and a higher rating, at less cost than a repair, our customers end up with a completely new Gearbox with the exact same footprint.

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