We specialise in the Design, Manufacture and supply of heavy-duty Industrial Gearboxes in Sydney.


Identical replacement services with the same footprint for industrial gearboxes

When an industrial gearbox fails, you need to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Replacing an old Gearbox can help prevent future breakdowns or repairs required for an old Gearbox.

Sydney Gearbox Specialists
Gearbox design capabilities - Mining and Minerals Processing

Gearbox Design Capabilities – Industrial Gearbox Services Sydney

Ingear Engineering understands all crucial design specifications. Our customers are guaranteed that the Gearbox we design for them is to the highest international standards and is uniquely catered to their requirements and particular application.

Gearbox design and application

We provide a gearbox with all of the latest design features internally but with exactly the same footprint as the original unit with no need to alter structural steel work or foundations.

industrial gearbox design
Geared Engineering

Gearbox Testing – industrial gearboxes sydney

All Ingear Gearboxes are fully tested before delivery, to record vibration, temperature rise and noise level.

Independent Inspection and Witness Testing


We have our own independent inspections. We carry out inspections of each Gearbox to ensure compliance of all procedures. 

gearbox Inspections and Witness Testing

Our Mission

Our mission and success is to offer gearbox services in Sydney, and solve Industrial GearBox problems economically and efficiently.

As part of our complete Gearbox solution, we can also provide full load testing with detailed reports as well as customer witness of testing. We have service networks around Australia to provide on-site attention and evaluations at any time. We represent the complete Donly range of standard Bevel and Helical Gearboxes nationwide.

The InGear Engineering advantage is why our customers trust us.

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