A paper machine requires various paper industry gearboxes and machinery to be utilised along the production line.

Applications of Gearbox in Paper Industry

The Australian paper industry utilises companies that use woods as raw materials as well as produce pulp, paper, paperboard and other products. The manufacturing process for paper involves feeding pulp into a machine to form a paper web, pressing the paper web and then drying the paper web to form a sheet. Now, in modern times, the process of drying the paper generally involves using a steam heated can dryer.

Some of the applications we offer to Paper industry gearboxes include – 

Paper industry gearboxes – Benefits

Due to the specific and complex process of paper making, a paper machine requires various gearboxes and machinery to be utilised along the production line. Ingear understands these requirements and is able to provide the exact gear ratio and modifications to specifically meet each piece of equipment and machinery’s requirements. View InGear Engineering’s full services and gearbox design capabilities.


InGear Engineering specialises in the Design, Manufacture and supply of heavy-duty Industrial Gearboxes in Sydney.

We replace Gearboxes for all major brands including Flender, David Brown, SEW, Hansen, Falk, Sonnerdale Richardson and Echesa units. With a completely new Gearbox, warranties on all products, a higher rating, at less cost than a repair, our customers end up with a completely new Gearbox with the exact same footprint.

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