Mining and Minerals Processing

We specialise in the Design, Manufacture and supply of heavy-duty Industrial Gearboxes for mining and minerals processing.

Mining Gearboxes and Minerals Gearboxes

The Australian mining industry significantly contributes to the Australian workforce and is known for being an industry leading influence on the Australian economy and population. InGear is proud to have been providing high quality Gearboxes to the Mining industry for decades. With our extensive knowledge, we know what the mining and minerals process requirements are for a Gearbox. 

Mineral Gearboxes are used in the following applications:


Whatever the application our Gearboxes are designed, built and selected to meet the most arduous conditions dictated by the application be it shock loads, frequency of stops/starts, special lubrication requirements, high or low temperatures, auxiliary cooling, special paint requirements, condition monitoring. 

With over 50 years of industrial and commercial experience, Ingear’s ability to provide industry specific Gearbox designs to the mining, quarrying and extractive industries has proven to be successful due to Ingear’s extensive understanding of technical and environmental requirements. 

As the mining industry continues to rapidly expand, grow and develop, Ingear’s industry specific Gearboxes will continue to evolve to suit the needs of the mining industry’s technologically advancing requirements. Contact InGear Engineering today to find out more and view our full services such as gearbox testing.

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