Gearbox Testing

This is the ultimate gearbox testing on the quality and sustainability for the specified application.


InGear will carry out full load testing at a customer’s simple request but at an extra cost. Our full load testing will be able to identify any bearing, gear or shaft defects as well as any misalignment that could result from the load, speed or temperature conditions.

We provide both Gearbox manufacturing and testing procedures at our factory. Testing can also be done at a third-party location of the customer’s choosing. Such testing may be witnessed by the customer and video recorded.

bucket wheel gearbox

Bucket Wheel Gearbox

This bucket wheel Gearbox is a 24 ton Gearbox used to replace a Thyssenkrupp unit at Port Hedland for Fortescue Metal Group (FMG). This unit had the exact same footprint as their previous Gearbox. The full load test was witnessed by FMG. A second full load test was then carried out in Australia, witnessed by FMG.

Inverted Gearbox

The two Gearboxes here are two of ten we built and conducted full load testing on. These units are able to double output shafts. The Gearboxes can also be turned upside down to utilise a left hand or right hand configuration.

inverted gearbox


Every gearbox we supply has been manufactured in accordance with our high international quality standards.

Formal verification is available in writing of the following: 

The above information is available upon request. For more information on our processes and services, contact us today. Browse all industries we provide for including steel industry gearboxes.

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