InGear Engineering Australia is committed to providing high quality, industrial Gearbox services in Australia.

Our History

Started in 2005, by Managing Director Ron Griffiths, InGear Engineering is an Australian owned and operated company which specialises in gearbox services in Sydney such as the design, manufacture and supply of heavy duty Industrial Gearboxes. 

Ron Griffiths has over 50 years of experience in the world of mechanical engineering and industrial applications across Australia, North America and Europe.

The company InGear Engineering specialises in the identical replacement of heavy duty Industrial Gearboxes into exactly the same footprint as any original unit, usually for less cost than a repair, with a high mechanical rating and a full warranty.

Our Mission

Our mission and success is to offer gearbox services in Sydney, and solve Industrial GearBox problems economically and efficiently which occur on some of the following applications:

The InGear Engineering advantage is why our customers trust us.

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As part of our complete Gearbox solution, we can also provide full load testing with detailed reports as well as customer witness of testing.

We have service networks around Australia to provide on-site attention and evaluations at any time.

We represent the complete Donly range of standard Bevel and Helical Gearboxes nationwide.

Geared Engineering

Our Commitment as Industrial Gearbox Specialists – gearbox services australia

We replace Gearboxes for all major brands including Flender, David Brown, SEW, Hansen, Falk, Sonnerdale Richardson and Echesa units. With a completely new Gearbox, warranties on all products, a higher rating, at less cost than a repair, our customers end up with a completely new Gearbox with the exact same footprint.

Our satisfied customers have enjoyed our services since 2005, with companies such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Queensland Alumina, NRG, ALCOA, FMG, TRONOX, Blue Scope, Graymont, Australian Mineral Resources and Cooperative Bulk Handling who utilise our products and services Australia wide. 

Our Team

We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals to provide workmanship, quality reliability and on time delivery that is expected.

Our after sales service is paramount in providing our customers with the confidence they need and deserve to ensure they get their Gearbox up and running.

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The Advantage.

  • 50+ Years Of Experience
  • 3 YEARS warranty
  • HIGH mechanical ratings
  • A Trusted name in the industry