Cement Gearboxes

Cement is used is bulk quantities for a variety of applications, which is where cement industry gearboxes come in.

Application of Gearboxes in Cement Industry

Tasks in the cement plant engineering are often commenced with constant pressure from the external environment which means that machinery needs to be fabricated to perform in these rough conditions. 

InGear Engineering specialises in cement industrial gearboxes suitable for your cement plant needs. Cement is a key material used to bind limestone, clay and sand, and is a key factor in concrete.

Cement is used in bulk quantities for a variety of applications, including stabilising surfaces, casings in oil and gas wells, renderings and many more. Demand for cement has risen due to its ability to provide long-term employment stability, as well as being available in all areas across Australia, including suburban, rural, industrial and city areas.

Some of the cement industry gearboxes we offer include-

Benefits Of cement industry gearboxes

InGear Gearboxes that are utilised in the cement industry are able to withstand the toughest conditions due to the environment that cement, and the application of cement is utilised in. They can be exposed to many highly intense elements such as heavy loads, shock loads, different temperature extremes, exposure to constant pressures, contaminants, dirt and more.

As a result, InGear Gearboxes have the ability to be exposed to extreme heavy loads, shock loads, constant pressures and temperature extremes. See how else we can help you with our services including identical replacements with same footprint.

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